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lacie flinders

Charyce, I sneak peek on your blog every once and awhile. Your family has grown so much. I too love the rain...Just not if I know tornadoes can follow. Anyway, I love your bedding...I would love to know where you got it if you are willing to tell. lacie flinders


I too love rain, and your new bedding. I'm needing some of my own, but really want a new bedroom set first. I want it all at the same time. Maybe in another year.....


Hey, you know the drill. If you get new bedding, then the old is supposed to be passed along to me. I am to carry on your past bedroom look! No seriously...where is it?

heidi kemp

I love your new bedding! Are you guys still thinking of coming back to Kirksville?


Who knew my bedding would be such a popular topic with my peeps! :)

Lacie_ Pottery Barn Quincy Bedding; purchased partially on ebay and Down East Home for a steal!

Raquel- Are you still using my Eddie Bauer set? That's just sad. When I come to visit your house it's like stepping back in time and seeing my house again... bedding, couches, bras... what?!

Heidi- Still on the list! Don't have anything set in stone though. Where are you guys going to end up?


therapy session #125...come to jackie's house:0


Charyce, your so funny. I think you forget that we all know that your favorite hobby is shopping....

But yes, it's a lovely new bedding set.


Paul and I have been listening to your playlist and we LOVE it. So many great songs and artists. You have impeccable taste. Also, I love this post about the rain and bedding. I love changing mine too. Your new stuff is gorgeous.

Erin W.

Ooooh, pretty bedding. I'm happy that you're back to blogging. Melody told me the other day, so I had to check! :)


When I first saw this post, I was laughing, cuz I remember the last time you were searching on-line for your last bedroom set!!! This one is just a great as your last one :)

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McGregor Family

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    We are the McGregors! It's hard to miss us. We are a lively bunch! Our family was established in 1996 when two best friends decided to take it to eternity. Kent and Charyce were married after meeting and becoming buddies at BYU. Soon after getting hitched, our family tripled in size when we adopted 2 children and had one of our own all in a span of 20 months. Lainey and Taytum joined our family just days after their "tummy mom" gave birth to them and Aubreigh made her appearance right in the middle. Those girls sure gave us a run for our money! Fast forward a few years, and we bravely ventured into the childbearing again- welcoming our 2 little boys, Keaton and Kanyon. Compared to the post-traumatic memories of our first go at the toddler years, these boys have been a breeze! Kent is currently keeping busy in his OBGYN residency program while Charyce tries to keep it all together while running the household, mothering the little punks at home, and dabbling in way-too-many outside projects and hobbies! All in all, we are a happy not-so-little family!


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    Delainey, or "Lainey" depending on where you know her from, is cool without even trying to be. She attracts people to her effortlessly and loves a good social outing. She is a lover of "lions" ever since Grandma gave her a Lion Buddy pillow for her first Christmas. [Mom hates her lions because they leave lion "poop"(stuffing) everywhere she drags them.] Will she ever tire of these beasts? She is playful and creative. So creative! A favorite pastime of hers is surprising us with her ability to eavesdrop on adult conversations.


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    Aubreigh is a tenacious, clever, and spirited girl that loves animals and adventure. (Don't be surpised if you find conspicously in every picture of Aubreigh a small animal, insect, or other furry being.) She has been known to be very athletic, all the while embracing her feminine nature. Nothing like taking a good pair of her favorite sparkly, "noisy" shoes on her many expeditions of tom-foolery. She has an infectious laugh and a funny bone that enjoys a good tease. She has a mothering nature and would walk to the ends of the earth for anyone, (wearing, of course, her best skirt and high heels.)


  • Frog prince
    Taytum is a little bit of everything all at once! Is it possible for such a little heart to hold so much inside? She is an expert at bouncing and fan of short hair, (apparently from her many self-imposed haircuts.) She knows how to melt your heart in a split second, but you'd better brace yourself for her jump-huggin' hellos! She should write a book "How to teach your infant to whistle." She's been a whistlin' fool from the time she pushed those ruby lips together and expelled the first brilliant sound. It must be that happiness in her heart just needs a way to escape, like the steam from a kettle.


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    Keaton, aka The Boy, Kay Kay, Keat, Little Man, the-cutest-thing-ever, and Bubba... Can he do no wrong? Not if you ask any of us girls in the family! He is the favorite target of many puckered smooches, as fun as a football to throw around, better than candy as far as sweetness, and so enjoyable that we all fight over who gets to be the first one to say goodmorning to him when we hear him awake and singing to himself in his crib! Now, a mother knows that with each day a boy's mischieviousness increases and soon there will be more trouble than one can handle. But it seems the trouble this boy brings is always worth the vivacious smile that accompanies it!


  • Oh Brother
    Kanyon Makai McGregor A little bundle of joy joined our family on October 13th, 2007. Kanyon is a Libra, enjoys taking long naps and eating good meals that make you want to belch. Favorite hobbies include sqeaking and grunting, sucking things, and putting his hands on his face. Pet peeves include babies who cry too much and being naked. Kanyon is sweet and humble and would never admit that it gives him great pleasure in seeing his sisters fight over who gets to hold him next. He knows how to make you smile and finds great satisfaction in the simple things of life.